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The 4R nutrient stewardship concept is important to GROWMARK because it allows farmers to maximize return on investment, optimize input utilization, and minimize environmental impact. What better way to jump-start a sustainable change in farming practices than to do it with a favorable economic impact through improved utilization of inputs and minimized environmental impact. There really is no better approach to nitrogen management.

If farmers invest $200 – $300 per acre in seed technology and genetics that protects the roots, leaves, and stalk from significant insect damage, and if farmers apply a fungicide to the foliage to minimize the loss of leaf area and to maximize light interception optimizing sugar production for seed fill, then why not manage nitrogen with the 4R approach to keep it healthy season-long. It’s all about the environment and the relationship to nitrogen loss. We need to look at nitrogen nutrition like we look at marketing grain. We don’t sell all of the corn at the market high, we sell bushels over time to “optimize” our price. We need to treat nitrogen the same way. We cannot predict the weather, so why not apply nitrogen using the 4R approach to optimize utilization. Let’s treat nitrogen as a system not just an application.


The 4R nutrient stewardship approach to nutrient management is not about products, it is about a systems approach to nutrient management. The following list includes GROWMARK’s “products” which are consistent with the 4R approach:

Nitrogen Management as a System

We promote our crop specialists to help farmers create a nitrogen management system utilizing an incremental nitrogen approach using the best source, rate, timing, and placement for each nitrogen application. The use of nitrogen enhancements also plays a role in Nitrogen Management Systems.

On-Farm Discovery

It is all about “Farmer questions, on farmer fields, utilizing farmer data.”  It is all about utilizing today’s technologies, the farmer’s desire to improve profitability and land stewardship, and the drive of the agriculture industry to serve as a partner in farming operations. It is a solutions-based approach to marketing.

GREEN PLAN® Solutions

GREEN PLAN® Solutions is an integrated, solutions-based approach designed to help producers enhance farm profitability by providing complete agronomic recommendations from a trusted team of FS specialists. FS Green Plan Solutions allows the FS Agronomy team to focus on the needs of farm operations by providing full-season support.

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