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Verdesian Life Sciences is a plant health and nutrition company that helps farmers maximize the utility of their nutrient investments. Verdesian technologies answer the needs facing agriculture including increasing pressures on food demand, supply and food safety. Verdesian remains committed to the research and development of environmentally sustainable products.

Headquartered in Cary, North Carolina, Verdesian operates multiple manufacturing facilities and operational offices throughout the United States and Europe. Research partnerships with a variety of universities and institutions – including the Los Alamos National Laboratory, University of CA – Riverside, Mitsui as well as many others – have led to cutting-edge nutrient efficiency technologies benefitting various crop sectors.

Through investment in science and people, innovations and advancements in agriculture technology are happening faster than ever before. The Verdesian product pipeline consists of more than 270 patent properties in the biological, plant nutrition, plant health, manure management, micronutrient, seed treatment, fertilizer efficiency and inoculant technologies.

As farmers contend with fewer acres and more environmental pressure and scrutiny, 4R Nutrient Stewardship has never been more critical than it is right now to our industry. Farmers are doing more with less, particularly with fertilizers, to optimize yield potential and environmental sustainability. When utilizing our polymer technologies, farmers can reduce their phosphorus and nitrogen inputs and achieve similar yield results compared to the higher input rates.  

At Verdesian, we build the 4Rs into our product formulations designed to help farmers get the essential nutrients to the plants as efficiently as possible without having the nutrients tied up in soil or lost to the environment.

We are continually investing in research to support the 4R effort to ensure that our products match crop needs – including row crops and specialty crops such as trees, fruits and vines for not only the North American market, but also for the European and South American markets as well.

Verdesian Life Sciences product line consists of 4R consistent products in a variety of categories including nutrient management and efficiency, nutritionals and micronutrients, seed treatments and inoculants, crop health chemistry and biological, and adjuvants and soil surfactants.

Key products that fit within the 4Rs are:

  • AVAIL Phosphorus Fertilizer Enhancer
  • More Than Manure Nutrient Manager
  • NutriSphere-N Nitrogen Fertilizer Manager
  • Polyamines (organic acid complexed micronutrients)
  • Take Off (crop nitrogen assimilator)
  • Sterics (enhanced phosphorus fertilizer)
  • Preside CL (premium liquid soybean inoculant)
  • Primacy ALPHA
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